14 quotes which summed up PR in 2015

It’s been another memorable year in the PR industry and our quotes sum up everything from the purpose of PR to why The Sun missed out on the MP’s expenses exclusive… time-20151209043250218 We kick off with Portland MD Tim Allan, who spoke to PRWeek about the explosive growth of the agency, and highlighted the ever changing role of CEOs: quotes11 We couldn’t resist the urge to think about Devil Wears Prada when reading Ned Ellison’s opinion piece “Death of the PR stereotype“: quotes14 Social media is all the rage but Alex Wilson was sceptical towards Twitter’s strategy: quotescover-JPG-36 Monica Lewinsky was back in the spotlight during 2015, giving a well-received speech at Cannes Lions 2015: quotes-monica Tell us what you really think, Sir Martin Sorrell: quotes-la-la1 Coinciding with the release of Star Wars Episode 7, there’s been an apparent awakening in the PR industry. Is the purpose of PR dead? quotesbrakes See you at Cannes Lions 2016, then Warren? quotes-cannes In what was possible the biggest corporate scandal to ever be uncovered, VW’s PR team has had an almost impossible task: quotescover-JPG-38   Thomas Cook finally apologised for the death of two

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children on a package holiday, nine years after the incident. The PR industry was universal in its condemnation of the way comms was handled: quotes-thomas Smug journalists should think before they tweet insults about PRs because: quotes9 The Chime CEO reflected on the importance of digital as he talked to PRWeek about integration, content and global growth: quotes111 We can always rely on Matthew Freud to inject some colourful language into proceedings. PRWeek caught up with him to discuss his 30 years in the business: quotes12 Life lesson, darlings. Money doesn’t grow on trees:quote-brooks And finally, while there’s no harm in working hard, remember to take care of your health: quotes7   Story appeared on the PR Week website – see the full story here – http://www.prweek.com/article/1376198/14-quotes-summed-pr-2015  

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