4 Jobs for people who love social media

Are you a Twitter titan? Could you write the book on Facebook? Well, with each passing year, more and more jobs are emerging that could reward your talent.  Social media may barely be a decade old, but last year the Guardian reported that jobs

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in this sector increased at a staggering rate of 1,357%! An interesting symptom of this is the seemingly endless series of innovative new job titles being created. It’s created something of a world of slippery definitions, one in which job descriptions may match, but titles may not! Let’s clarify some by looking at 4 examples…

    1. Social Media Executive

When a company needs to raise their profile they turn to someone with a wealth of experience managing social media communities. Introducing: Social Media Executives. These seasoned professionals are responsible for maintaining and raising awareness of online communities by conceiving and delivering effective, enjoyable, buzz-worthy and accessible digital content. Having a good eye for finding new client opportunities is essential, as is being able to sift through different metrics to effectively measure growth. That said, the broad scope of this job means its very existence may be predicated on company size. In many cases, the main aspects of a Social Media Executive’s job description may be covered in the role of…

    1. Social Media Manager

Someone has to guide and direct the Social Media Copywriters. That’s where the Social Media Manager comes in. So what’s the difference between them and Social Media Executives? A Social Media Manager tends to have more emphasis on – you guessed it – management experience. A Social Media Manager does more than represent the brand online. They also guide and direct their team to ensure targets are met. This includes but isn’t limited to managing and curating all published content and liaising with senior management. Oh, and checking metrics readings; lots and lots of checking metrics.

    1. Social Media Community Manager

Even small companies are likely to have numerous different social media communities that customers can engage with. And there is, to some extent, confusion as to who is in charge of replying to this external correspondence. Typically, a Social Media Manager acts as the brand online by answering questions. A Community Manager, meanwhile, represents the brand but without necessarily claiming to be it. Working constantly to generate interactions, they spend their time reaching out to customers, starting conversations, blogging and representing/advocating the brand in various other forums. They can give impersonal brands a personal touch.

    1. Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Everyone knows how important marketing is. But while most companies will already have their own specialists and strategies, the online world is a different beast altogether. Marketing campaigns cannot simply be transplanted onto social media without alterations. That’s why Social Media Marketing Coordinators are so important… they take pre-existing marketing assets and find a way to disseminate them in the most effective way online. Crucial to this is keeping abreast of all the ever-frequent major and minor changes in social media – from layouts to updates – that can positively or negatively impact a campaign.