ACCA says it is no longer publishing exam questions and answers

Some tutors and students have been shocked by the realisation that in future the ACCA will no longer publish the questions and answers after every exam sitting. Instead the ACCA is proposing to release a compilation of questions and answers twice a year – following the December and June sessions. So, for example, following the December sitting the exam team will choose a selection of questions from both the September and December sittings to analyse. Many PQs feel the exam answers and questions are an invaluable free resource and they should have access to them after each sitting. In a poll on Open Tuition some 97% of respondents (that’s thousands of

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trainees) say the ACCA should be publishing the September Q&As. Tutors are upset because they can no longer give their PQs real advice on where they went wrong, as they too won’t see the papers. This story first appeared on the PQ Magazine website –