Aldi spoofs the John Lewis Man on the Moon Christmas advert

Aldi has produced a spoof of the John Lewis Man on the Moon Christmas advert.

The budget supermarket’s version features its own old man stuck on the moon, sitting on a bench.
He is choosing between two telescopes. “I like this one,” he says as the John Lewis price of £109.95 appears on screen.
“And I like this one,” he says of the Aldi version which costs £69.99.
“But I’m over the moon with this one,” he says as he spots Jean Jones, the Aldi granny who has starred in previous gin adverts for the supermarket, floating towards him on an armchair tied to balloons.
“Jean quickly became a national treasure for her love of our Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin when she first appeared on screens in 2011,” Jonathan Neale, joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, told the Mirror.
“We’re confident our customers will be excited by her return this Christmas.
“Our latest advert highlights Aldi’s ongoing commitment to offering high quality products at unbeatable prices that shoppers will be over the moon with.”
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