Cadbury launches ‘biggest ever’ Christmas campaign with experiential push

Cadbury is launching a real-life advent calendar as part of its Christmas campaign as it pushes above the line and experiential activity to engage consumers.

A TV campaign is launching tomorrow (7 November) aimed at building anticipation and shows Cadbury warehouse workers packing up trucks that are getting ready to depart from Bournville, the home of Cadbury, to deliver joy across the nation.

The ad is set to come true, as the brand is planning to bring its ad to life by sending 24 purple trucks to various locations throughout the UK – each vehicle packed with a surprise.

“Like an advent calendar it’s a new surprise every day. We also won’t be announcing the route plan or location in advance. This is not a sampling campaign and not a traditional experiential event. It’s very much new to us,” Steven Chick, Mondelez brand manager, told Marketing Week.

The brand will be taking content from each of the events and streaming it on social, digital out of home and other platforms.

“Each event will be different so we’ll be generating that content as we go. We’ll also be using consumer generated content that is sent to us and putting it out through our social channels like Instagram and Twitter,” he explained.

The £10m campaign is the brand’s biggest ever Christmas marketing push. The investment aims to make the brand stand out during one of the most competitive times of year.

“What we’re doing this year is a real step change for us. We’re stepping up the scale of the activation by having an epic TV ad that people will enjoy and drive anticipation, but we’re also looking to leverage real-life content with below the line activities,” he added.

“This is a huge time of year for our brand and a season for which our products play a big role. Our activity is about increasing our presence and putting spreading joy at the core of the brand.”

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