How to Budget Your Recruitment Costs

How can you avoid costly mistakes? How can you make your recruitment budget work for you? To help you out, here’s a quick guide on how to calculate and budget your recruitment costs.

Calculating The True Cost of Recruitment

Expenses don’t just start and end with the hiring and onboarding process. Companies also need to take into account other factors like the costs of a good or bad hire. Or the time they have lost during the recruitment process. To help better understand the true costs of recruitment, here’s a quick calculation for you.

Remote Online Interview Tips During Lockdown

One of the primary changes to the recruitment process due to the COVID-19 pandemic is that more and more companies are moving to remote / online video interviews. Although this may not be ideal for either the candidates or interviewers, it is the new normal for now. Looking on the bright side, without the travel […]

How to Forecast Revenue and Growth

When starting out, financial forecasts may seem overwhelming. Forecasting business revenue and expenses during the startup stage is really more art than science. Many entrepreneurs complain that building forecasts with any degree of accuracy takes a lot of time, time that could be spent selling rather than planning. But few investors will put money in […]

How to perfect your brand language

The language a brand uses to describe itsoffer has a huge impact on whether consumers view them as the ‘best’ in theircategory. Consumers are highly influenced by brand language and look to experts andrecommendations rather than advertising on TV or social media when identifyingthe best brands to buy, according to new research. The research of […]

4 Reasons Why Having a Life Outside the Office Is So Important

Having a life outside of work suggests a couple of things: You care about finding work-life balance, you know how to turn off or tune out work and focus on yourself, your friends, or your family, and you’re probably fairly interesting. A recent Harvard Business Review article explained that having a life outside of work […]

9 Small Things That Can Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired!

Looking for a new job can be nerve-wracking. Whether you’re unemployed and need to find something fast, or you’re unhappy with your current position and looking for something new and better, the process of searching, applying, interviewing, and waiting can create all sorts of stress. It can be heartbreaking, too: you send off dozens of […]

How to be a great candidate…

We spend a great deal of time focusing on the importance of how you join an organisation and the impression you make in those critical on-boarding weeks. Equally, there is much advice available about how to resign and exit a business with credibility and dignity intact. But what about the way to manage your job […]

How to Talk About a Short Job Stint in Interviews

What a world it would be if we could all strut into interviews feeling completely confident and qualified. But, if you’ve ever job hunted before, you know this typically isn’t the way things work. Instead, there’s usually at least one pesky, negative thought that keeps echoing around in your brain, causing you to feel as […]