CIMA PQ’s average salary – £33,031 in the UK

The average UK CIMA PQ earns £33,031 a year while their qualified colleagues have a yearly pay packet of £62,791, nearly 100% more!

The latest CIMA annual salary survey also provides the average salaries for PQs at the different qualification stage: operational – £29,399, management – £31,599, and strategic – £35,283.

On top of base salaries some 58% of students in the UK said they would be receiving a bonus in 2015, the average being around 7% of annual salary.

If you are CIMA PQ who is chasing ‘the money’ then you need to be in banking – it

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is the highest paying sector. A student with one to two years’ experience will be earning £40,084 on average. That’s a basic salary of £36,695 and a bonus of £4,116.

A newly qualified in banking can expect to be earning just over £60,000.

The current average take home pay for CIMA newly qualifieds is £46,765 a year.

CIMA asked its students and members were they would most like to relocate to if the opportunity arose. Australia and the US came out as number one and two here. The UK was third and Canada fourth. The top reason for relocating was an improved quality of life. Experiencing a different culture and new career opportunities were also deemed important. An improved salary only came in fourth.
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