CIMA releases latest exam pass rates

CIMA has, as promised, released its latest exam pass rates, covering the August case study exams and the Objective Tests for the last nine months. The institute said that students continued to perform well at the management and strategic level case studies and the CIMA gateway rates also increased compared with the May window.

Candidates’ performance in the objective tests has continued to improve with the biggest increases found in P3, F3, P1 and P2.

CIMA’s Noel Tagoe (pictured) said: “We are pleased with the high overall OT pass rates and expect these to further increase over time.” He also promised to look into why the operational case study exam pass rate dipped to just 34%.



August 2015

Operational – 34%

Management – 77%

CIMA gateway – 40%

Strategic – 67%



2 January – 30 September 2015

E1 – 76%, P1 – 44%, F1 – 73%, E2 – 83%, P2 – 41%, F2 – 47%, E3 – 59%, P3 – 47%, F3 – 47%


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