Designer creates brilliantly detailed TV map of London and Great Britain

The on-screen locations of some of the best TV shows to have been set in the capital are mapped out for the first time in this fascinating new graphic.

From the Inbetweeners in Ruislip out west, to Peep Show in Croydon and Luther in east London, designer Timothy Ritz has diligently laid bare many of the city’s cultural connections.
The self-professed “anglophile” American, who lives in Washington, said the idea came to him when he was watching an episode of 1940s drama Foyle’s War with his wife Kolleen and she asked: “Where exactly in England is Hastings anyway?”
Before long it snowballed into a larger project to map TV shows set across the UK and Ireland, including Peaky Blinders in Birmingham, Poldark in Cornwall, and I’m Alan Patridge in Norwich.

Certain liberties have been taken. Mr Ritz has plotted EastEnders in the fictional Walford, in east London.
But overall the map appears to offer an accurate – and enlightening – representation of the UK’s rich televisual heritage.
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