Five Questions to Ask to Improve a Job Brief

Recruiting, onboarding and training a new employee can be a costly venture – in both time and money. To maximise your return on investment, you want to get the hiring process right. There are some very important questions to ask before you start your search.

Why is the role available?

There are a few reasons why a permanent role becomes vacant – a resignation, redundancy, restructure or more positively, expansion. It may be a replacement or a new role entirely. It is important to understand the reason for the vacancy when talking to potential candidates. A new role often means growth within the company which can be exciting and appealing. If there has been a resignation, you may need to ask a few extra questions – why did the previous person leave this role? Are there any underlying issues with the team, workload or culture that may need to be addressed?

What are some of the key traits of your top employees that have held this or similar roles?

Knowing your top performers’ key traits will help your recruiter immensely as they work to fill the role quickly and effectively. It’s not just the technical skills that are important but also personality traits which are crucial to finding the best fit for the team and the business.

What benefits do you offer other than remuneration?

Job seekers aren’t always looking for an increase in salary, they may be looking for an employer that offers a better work-life balance. Do you offer any health and wellbeing initiatives, working from home, flexible working or training and development? Understanding what is on offer is essential when selling opportunities to quality talent who may not necessarily be active on the market. Often the best person for your team is already working in another organisation.

When will interviews begin?

It’s important to understand the full recruitment process which will ideally be a seamless one. This includes knowing not only how quickly the role needs to be filled but also what time is available for interviews If there is a long delay or multiple delays, this can put a candidate off. A lengthy process may mean the quality candidate you’ve found will accept another role in this competitive market before you’re ready to make your offer.

Who will they be reporting to?

This question is key to individuals looking for career growth and development. Seeing a job advertisement that says ‘reporting the CFO or CEO’ can be a key selling point and will stand out to those individuals looking at their long-term career prospects. Someday they may want to be in the C suite and having their direct reporting line to the role they may aspire to hold one day may be appealing.

Having the answers to these questions is the first step in your recruitment process. The next step is to partner with a quality recruiter who can find the right talent for your role.

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