Found a job you like? Now you need to polish your CV…

Excellent. Now comes the hard part – polishing your old CV off to make sure your application shines. You’ve got the basics covered, from personal details to education and experience, but now’s the tricky bit – making yourself relevant and proving you’re the best person for the role, or at least securing that first interview. To help you on your way, here are four of our top tips to help your CV stand out: 

Check for typos

We can’t stress this enough. Poor spelling is a pet hate of most recruiters. Make sure you spell check each time you amend your CV and also ask a friend to proof the final version.

Read the job description

Too many jobseekers are guilty of glancing at the job description once, and clicking apply before they’ve really read the role. It’s very easy to get blown away by an impressive sounding job title or an exciting salary and benefits package, but without knowing all the relevant requirements your chances of success are going to suffer. What’s more, by using those requirements to mould your CV, you can easily show you’re a good fit for the role. 

Tailor your CV for the role

Avoid falling into the ‘one CV fits all’ category. Instead, target the document for the role you’re going for. And yes, that means writing a slightly new version of your CV and a brand new cover letter every time. No exceptions. Do some research so you understand more about the company, the industry, and who their key competitors are. Once you’ve learnt all you can, apply this knowledge in your cover letter to help explain why you really want to get the job. 

Use specific keywords

As more and more recruiters use job sites to search for jobseekers based on specific keywords, it’s important to try and include the terms which describe you, and relate to the kinds of position you’re looking for, in your CV. With thousands of recruiters searching for jobseekers based on what’s written in their CV, the best examples essentially sell themselves. 

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