Get your CV noticed by the top dog

Getting your CV in front of the actual person hiring for the job is tough. The majority of employers ask two or three members of staff to review every application they receive, meaning candidates are never guaranteed that their application will be seen by the final decision maker.

Your CV is your most powerful marketing tool when it comes to job hunting, but it’s useless if it sits unnoticed in a recruiter’s overflowing inbox. While the number of people looking at your CV may appear daunting, a smart job search strategy will ensure your CV makes an impact and swiftly moves up the chain of command.

Introduce yourself properly

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Busy recruiters do not have time to read lengthy cover letters, so it’s crucial to keep your cover note short and sharp if you want to grab their attention. A brief paragraph of around three or four sentences should be enough to get your point across without boring readers.

Your introduction should excite recruiters by demonstrating how you’re a perfect fit for the role and leave them keen to read your CV. Study the job advert and be sure to explain how your experience equips you to deal with the most important aspects of the role.

Remember to focus on what you have to offer at this stage and resist the temptation to list your demands. The focus at this stage is simply to make the recruiter open your CV; you can discuss salary requirements when you receive the initial response call.

Tailor your CV for each application

If your CV is going to impress every person in the recruitment chain, then it needs to show each one that you have the required skills to perform the role. Although your CV is likely to be focused towards the general type of jobs you are applying for, you should always tailor it to suit each individual job you apply for.

Read each job description properly and edit your CV to ensure that those sought-after skills are featured prominently and stand out to readers. In particular, you should aim to pack the top quarter of your CV with as many relevant terms as possible, to create an instant impact as soon your CV is opened.

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