Havas New York buys The 88 digital agency

Havas Group has acquired New York-based digital/social boutique agency The 88, for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 2010 by Harry Bernstein, The 88, has built a reputation in creative services, influence, content creation and social media management for fashion, lifestyle and consumer brands.

Bernstein said: “Seven years ago when I started The 88, I didn’t set out to build a social media agency. I wanted to change advertising. I saw the emergence of bloggers (now called influencers) and social media as the future of how brands and their consumers would engage. It was the creative ‘wild, wild, west’ back then, and we were the cowboys. We just wanted to break how things were being done. I’ve learned a lot through this process – through breaking and making new things; some that worked and some that didn’t.

“Most importantly, I learned that a great idea doesn’t have to have a TV spot at the center; because with our consumer today, a great idea can start anywhere. So we need to think of everything. Every touchpoint. Every engagement. Working with Havas New York gives me the opportunity to do that”.