Havas PR merges with US and Australasian agencies to form Red Havas

Havas PR in the UK has joined a new merged media micro-network that has been launched by Havas Group today. Red Havas will encompasses earned, social, experiential, content and data capabilities, uniting Havas PR’s existing UK teams and a new London office, as well as Havas PR North America and Havas owned Red Agency in Australia and Asia.

Effective immediately, Havas PR North America, with offices in New York City, New England, Phoenix and Pittsburgh, and Asia Pacific-based Red Agency, with offices in Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, will all carry the new brand, which encompasses earned, social, experiential and content capabilities. In addition, Red Havas has opened a new office in London, rebranded its Havas PR offices in Manchester and Edinburgh and has expansion plans to Japan and South America within 18-24 months.

The rebranding coincides with major investments into data, content and bespoke insight tools, which will include listening and predictive analytics platforms that will layer in a foretelling media capability not seen before within the industry.

“The guiding light of PR has always been to integrate brands’ or organisations’ stories into the daily conversations of the media ecosystem,” says James Wright, global chairman of the Havas PR Collective and global CEO of Red Havas. “PR is one of the most powerful tools that brands can use to connect to audiences, but it’s essential that it integrates seamlessly across content types and sources and operates at the pace, and in the ways, of today’s consumer. With content, social and predictive data at the core, we’ve built a model that merges all of the various media sources and essentially redefines the PR capability entirely.” Read more on the Red Havas website http://www.redhavas.co.uk/news/havas-group-reimagines-pr-group-launch-red-havas/