Here’s Why Remote Hiring Is Good For Business

2020 saw a huge shift in the way we work. Amidst the global pandemic, employers had no choice but to move into the virtual office. Both businesses and professionals had to learn and adapt to telecommuting. 

Despite the sudden changes, working remotely proved to not only be a great alternative but a permanent choice for several businesses. In fact, big firms like Facebook and Shopify have announced that they’re allowing some of their employees to work from home permanently. 

So, why are these big companies deciding to run some of their operations remotely? 

After a year of mostly working from home, businesses found a great many benefits to operating remotely. A good example is how remote working has a positive effect on mental health. According to a survey, 83 percent of respondents found that working from home made them happier. 

To learn more about why running remotely is good for business, keep on reading. 

Working From Home Equals High Productivity

While staying at home might sound like the most productive environment, studies have shown that remote workers tend to be more productive. One of the top reasons why productivity levels are higher is because remote workers have control over their working environment. They’re able to get into the zone without getting distracted by numerous people roaming around the office. 

Additionally, not everyone can work productively in a strict 9-5 setting. Working from home gives professionals the flexibility to handle their hours. 

More Access To Talents 

One of the best things about having a work from home set up is that you’re no longer set in a specific location. Businesses can easily build a team of top talents from across the globe. 

Compared to working in a physical workplace, you no longer need to limit your hiring prospects with who’s available around your area. You only need to focus on finding the right person for the job. 

Reduces Business Costs

The biggest benefit of fully adapting a work-from-home set is how cost-efficient it is. It is widely known that hiring remote workers can result in huge business savings. Companies no longer need to make investments in real estate. 

You don’t need to worry about additional costs of running in-house operations like utility bills, furniture, and equipment as well as cleaning staff. Remote work also is a lot more cost-effective for employees. Working from home has helped individuals save on costs like their daily commute and eating out. 

Higher Employee Retention

One of the best signs that a remote work setup is the right business move is when your employee retention has increased significantly. There’s nothing more costly than losing a good hire.

In a time where remote work is highly sought out by today’s workforce, allowing your employees the option to work remotely could give you a leg up against other employers. It’s a win-win solution for both you and your people.  

Remote Operations Are Here To Stay

Although most businesses were forced into adapting to the digital workspace due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote operations have proven to be a big advantage for most businesses. From improving employee experience, saving on costs to expanding your talent pool, it’s safe to say that remote hiring will be part of the future of work.