Hiring In The New Normal: What’s new?

In just over a year the recruitment world has seen major shifts due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, hiring managers had to change things up in the hiring process and adjust to the new normal. With virtual interactions becoming the new norm, recruiters had to say goodbye to traditional hiring methods. 

So, what’s new? How has the landscape of recruitment changed? Let’s find out. 

The Digital Shift In Hiring 

The biggest and most apparent change in recruitment is its end-to-end digital hiring process. The go-to recruitment process that we all know has been completely redesigned to fit today’s age of social distancing. Simply put, the whole recruitment process can now be done completely online. 

If you aren’t completely aware of the recent hiring trends, here’s a quick rundown for you. 

Job Ads Are the Way To Go

Job ads allow you to get access to large talent pools in the least amount of time. Today’s workforce is tech-savvy. Therefore, the best way to reach out to them is through the internet. 

Looking for the best of the best? Finding the right hire has become a whole lot easier thanks to job advertisements. As an all-around solution, job ads do more than just help you attract the right talents. Job ads also help enhance your employer’s brand value and multiple recruitment processes. 

To get a clearer picture of what job ads can bring to the table, here are some reasons why job ads are worth the investment. 

#1 It gets the word out 

Flipping through newspaper clippings or advertising through word of mouth is no longer as effective as job ads. With just a click of a button, your job opening can reach a large pool of candidates all at once. You can easily maximize your reach by posting on multiple boards.

#2 Access to global talents 

One of the best things about remote work is that geography is no longer an issue. Your job ads can reach top talents from all over the globe. Before the pandemic, recruiters hiring onsite were limited to only hiring from their local talent pool. Thanks to the new normal, a global talent pool has become a big advantage to employers today. Your job ad can reach multiple candidates and stay active 24/7. 

#3 Narrows down the right talents

Job advertising makes the hiring process a whole lot easier for both employers and jobseekers. Job ads can immediately share the job role and skills required for the position. As a result, you can easily filter out people who do not match your defined criteria. You get to save time sorting through CVs and invest more time on other important tasks. 

AI Recruitment Tools Are Here To Stay

To build a strong workforce, you need to invest in improving your recruitment processes. Because your company is only as strong as your people. One of the biggest hiring trends in the new normal is AI recruitment tools.  

Recruitment teams are investing in AI tools to create a more innovative system in their hiring operation. If you’re looking for the easiest and fastest ways to find the right talents, AI recruitment tools are an asset to have. 

Finding the right hire isn’t easy. With so many candidates to filter through, AI tools like JobStreet’s AI Smarter Search feature helps match relevant talents to your requirements. AI technology can better assess and understand what a candidate is looking for. As a result, more relevant job ads are presented to the jobseeker. 

Another great thing about AI recruitment tools is that employers get frequent updates on different candidates’ application statuses. With a clear and streamlined hiring process, you’ll find your new hire in no time. 

From the Meeting Room to Meeting at Zoom 

Now that face-to-face meetings are kept at a minimum, recruiters need to learn how to embrace online virtual tools. Gone are the days of sitting in the waiting room. Conference apps like Zoom and Google Meet make it a whole lot easier for both employers and candidates. 

Aside from being more convenient, online meetings are also both time cost and time-efficient. Here’s why. 

Benefit #1: Candidates no longer need to worry about running late for their job interview. 

Benefit #2: Online interviews are real-time savers. Recruiters can interview more candidates.

As companies continue to move forward during the COVID-19 crisis, they need to master the know-how of digital recruitment. 

The shift from in-person interviews to virtual interviews is at a steady increase and it’s not a surprise. Thanks to the digital world, employers no longer need to limit themselves to who is available around the area. With the world as their talent pool, they can focus on hiring the best candidate possible. Global workforces are going to be the new normal.

According to a Global Talent 2021 study by Oxford Economics, the demand for remote workers is at an all-time high. The study projects that the need for new employees from Asia will rise by 22%. Latin American and Middle Eastern/African talents will also increase by 13%. Eastern European talents will also rise by 10%. 

Even after economies recover and everyone can freely move about virtual practice will still be present in the future of work. 

Digital Recruitment is The New Normal

Before COVID-19 struck, digital recruitment was already making significant moves in the way we hire. The sudden push towards remote work gave the extra shove towards where we were already headed. Therefore, employers need to learn how to maximize Zoom Calls and create effective online interview processes.