How to Attract and Retain the Right Talents

Finding it difficult to hire and keep top talents? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, according to research, attracting and retaining talents are one of the biggest issues leaders face. 

A revolving door of employees coming and going can get in the way of your company’s road to success. Because when someone from a project leaves, operations are put on pause until a new replacement joins. The whole process of losing and hiring someone eats up valuable time.

To stop this cycle, employers need to step up their people management game. To hire A-players you’ve got to hire like one. Here’s how. 

Stay True to Your Company Culture 

As an employer, you’ve got to live and breathe your culture. A good working environment is on the top list of in-demand job seekers. If they were offered two similar roles, company culture could be your winning—or losing—point. 

Most importantly, having a strong company culture will keep your current employees happy. And when they’re satisfied and comfortable in the workplace, the more inspired and committed they’ll be with their job. 

By staying true to your company culture, you’ll build a positive reputation as a top employer. 

Encourage Employee Referrals

Looking for high-performers to join high-performing teams? The smartest hiring tactic in the book is to ask for employee recommendations. 

Adding incentives to your employee referrals gives employees extra motivation to help you find a new team member. Use your people as ambassadors, and gain access to their connections. 

Using your employee’s connections increases your chances of finding the right candidate. Why? As employees, they know the specific type of talent best fit for your business. Additionally, having an employee’s thumbs up when making a hiring decision gives you that added assurance that you’re making the right decision. 

Give Opportunities for Career Growth

Encourage your current employees to rise within the ranks. Promotions in your team reduce your hiring costs while also enabling your employees to grow in their careers. Giving these opportunities will show the value and support you have for your people.

One of the biggest pain points of hiring a new employee is that you won’t know for certain if someone is the perfect fit for the job. It takes time to figure whether they’re adapting successfully into your company’s ecosystem. 

By promoting a current employee, you don’t need to worry about this. As someone already part of your team, they know the team’s dynamics. Most importantly, they understand how your team operates and where exactly they fit. 

Invest In Your People

The best way to show that you believe and support your team is to invest in their learning and well-being. 

Top talents are attracted to employers who know how to value their talents. Providing health benefits, yearly bonuses and other additional incentives should be part of any top employer’s benefits package. 

Another great way to invest in your people is to provide e-learning tools. Top talents are always ready for growth. Giving them learning tools enables them to learn new skills and also improve on what they already know. By strengthening their skills you’re directly strengthening your team as a whole. 

Employers Need to Value Their Talents 

The key to attracting and retaining your talents is to value them. Employees want to be part of a team that understands and supports them. As a business, it’s important to realize that to increase your value you need to add value to your people.