How to be a great candidate…

We spend a great deal of time focusing on the importance of how you join an organisation and the impression you make in those critical on-boarding weeks. Equally, there is much advice available about how to resign and exit a business with credibility and dignity intact.

But what about the way to manage your job search and the companies and external partners you interact with during this period?

Your sale ability
When a client looks for new talent they are seeking people that are qualified and bring something unique and valuable to their business.  Therefore your first priority is articulating what you do and how you do it well. Promote your strengths and what the potential employer will want to buy in your CV. Your CV is the story of your career so it should flow, make sense but not detail every moment – it’s a preview not the whole journey.
Your personal brand reputation
We don’t live in a one dimensional world anymore and there is information about us all around.  Your digital reputation tells a story so make sure it is consistent and that your CV, your LinkedIn profile and your Facebook page send the types of message you want potential employers to see.  Its fine to have fun and a life out of work, just remember LinkedIn is professional and should reflect this.

A quality recruitment consultant wants you to get the right role
It’s in Simply360’s best interests to find the candidates that are closest to the brief, both in terms of experience, track record and attributes and behaviors. This means Simply360 get to know our candidates well and understand their motivations and aspirations.  A good recruitment professional will advise you on whether your expectations are realistic, but also will want to ensure that they are putting you on the shortlist for roles which balance your experience and your aspirations. There is no value to Simply360, our clients or candidates we work with to mismanaging expectations.  

It’s not about whether you can do the job; it’s about who you are competing with
A real frustration for any candidate is applying for a dream role and feeling that they have every aspect of the requirements covered, only to receive a regret response – no interview or opportunity to present themselves. 

There are two main considerations here; remembering to use your CV to present your experience in a way that complements the role in question, highlighting your relevant strengths.  Secondly, being mindful that there may be required and ideal experience sought by the client and if the competition is fierce it may just be that you are up against applicants with even more expertise that you.  Don’t be disheartened, Simply360 will work with you to understand the market and refine your CV and approach to increase your success rate.

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