How To Conduct A Successful Online Interview

The recruitment world has gone fully digital since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. In-person tasks and operations had no choice but to make the digital shift. As a result, job interviews now have to be conducted online. 

With the sudden halt of face-to-face interviews, hiring managers need to know how to effectively conduct a successful online interview. Because while circumstances have changed within the industry, professionals need to learn how to adapt to move forward. 

Here are some top tips on how to conduct an effective job interview, online. 

#1 Preparation is Key 

Hiring managers who fail to inform their candidates about what to expect during the meeting are already setting themselves up for a bumpy interview. As the interviewer, you’re in charge of the meeting’s agenda. Communicating the details of the meeting ahead of time will put the candidate at ease.

Tip: Before the meeting set things up, schedule the meeting, message the attendee and send over the Zoom link. Once everything is set in place, everything will run smoothly. 

#2 Be in Your A Game 

To hire A-players you need to be in your A-game. Don’t just wing it. Another costly hiring mistake recruiters commit is not having a clear direction for the meeting. If not, you might end up hiring the wrong talent.

Tip: Prepare a job scoreboard and a list of questions. With a scoreboard and set questions, you’ll be able to assess each candidate’s potential better. You’ll be able to figure out whether they have the right skills, experience, and attitude for the role. 

#3 Have a Tech Trial Run 

First impressions make a lasting impact, especially when it comes to job interviews. While technical difficulties happen, preparing ahead of time can help. To avoid experiencing these glitches, conduct a technical trial run of your entire setup. This will help check if your webcam, mic, and internet connection are ready for the meeting. 

Tip: Another thing you can do to ensure your set and ready for your meeting is to log in to your account beforehand. This way, you won’t feel pressured to log in on time. 

#4 Have a Backup Plan

As mentioned earlier, technical difficulties can’t be helped sometimes. Whether it’s the video conferencing platform or your internet connection, it’s important to have a plan B. When plan A doesn’t work out, you need to have an alternative game plan. 

Tip: Have the candidate’s contact details on hand and try rescheduling the interview to a later date. 

#5 Stay Present 

Meeting in-person isn’t the same as meeting online. It can be hard to stay engaged and welcoming when you’re not physically present. To make up for that, it’s important to pay attention to how your facial expressions and tone of voice. Demonstrate to the other person that you’re engaged in the conversation. 

Tip: Keep your voice calm and be sociable. Minimize talking over each other and make direct eye contact when speaking. 

Stay Prepared, Organized, and Engaged 

Conducting an online interview can be quite a challenge. By keeping these top interview tips in mind, you’ll be able to conduct a smooth and successful online interview experience.