How to prepare for an interview part 1

The effort you make before an interview is as important as the way you act in the interview itself. “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail.” Inadequate preparation will result in you lacking in that all important confidence before the interview. Knowledge is power!

Research The Company: Familiarise yourself with the company’s website. Look at the ‘about us’ section and understand what they do, the number of employees, office locations and company structure. Read the recent news stories and try to remember one or two key stories. You may get an opportunity to mention these at some point during the interview to show you have done your research. Social Media: LinkedIn will give you additional information as well as an insight into the company’s culture according to what they are posting. This is a good way to see what the employees and your potential future colleagues may be like including the interviewer! Twitter and Facebook are also good for the same reasons. You may be asked what you think of their LinkedIn or Twitter presence.. Interviewers sometimes like to use their interviewees as a way to get insights and opinions from a fresh pair of eyes. Competitors: Google the company’s key products and see what other companies come up. Aim to know of one or two direct competitors. Tell them about you! Read the job spec and tailor your experience to what they are looking for interms of skills and what you will be doing in the role. No doubt if you are applying for the role, you believe you are right for the role, and want the interviewer to know this. Make a list of important points about yourself that you want the

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interviewer to know and then learn them, so on the day you can make sure you get these points across. Make a list of your key strengths as well as weaknesses. Try to be more imaginative in the weaknesses than ‘I’m a perfectionist’. Its OK to have weaknesses and show them, it shows honesty and transparency in your character. A good way to answer this question is to give a weakness that is totally unrelated to the role. E.g. Public Speaking. Think of your achievements: in either your business or personal life, list them and then try to convey these during the interview.