How To Protect Your Reputation Online

Using social media is great. It lets you connect with friends, family or even potential employers. However, with so much information on display on the internet are you sure employers are seeing you in a good light?

It has become common practice to search for candidates to see their true-selves. Controversial images or statements may be detrimental to getting a job so make sure what is on display will not paint you in a negative light.

To help you make sure you aren’t ruining your chances with pictures from Saturday night here are our tips on keeping your information private.

Check your privacy settings – Next time you are on Facebook check your privacy settings. If you set it so that only ‘Friends’ can see it will limit how much can be seen by employers. This is not a foolproof method however, just because your profile is private doesn’t mean a friend hasn’t posted pictures with you!

Use a sensible email address – Don’t use an email such as ‘’ to apply for jobs. Make a personal and professional email address and use them accordingly.

Nothing is hidden – This may sound ominous however anything you put online can be found. Simply, if you don’t want people to see you don’t put images online.

If you conduct a Google search of yourself and find things that you don’t want to be public contact the website and ask them to remove it.