Is it time to engage with a recruitment agency?

“I’m struggling to find the right finance talent for my team.”

“The hiring process is taking too much of my time.”

 “I already have enough things to do.”

If you or your colleagues are saying any of the above, then maybe it’s time to consider getting some professional assistance with your recruitment.

When you engage with Simply360Search, you are collaborating with experts in the hiring process who will guide you through best practice recruitment strategies.

By providing a qualified candidate shortlist, coordinating interviews and managing the entire recruitment process, we will make the turnaround from search to placement quick and effective.

Most companies will source talent using traditional methods. They will post an advertisement on an online job board and hope that their dream employee clicks “apply now”.

Whilst this style of recruiting can sometimes be successful it is proven that the best hires are with passive candidates. These are candidates that haven’t even hit the market yet, they are not actively looking but if the right opportunity presents’ they will be open to moving.

Passive Candidates are the gems, the gold nuggets, the cream of the crop employees that you want to engage. They are more likely to make a considered decision when accepting a role and ultimately become a long term employee.

Simply360Search are experienced in sourcing, headhunting and engaging with passive or hard to find candidates. When you engage with Simply360Search, you will have a wider net of candidates that are typically out of “the reach” of traditional advertisements.

Let’s be honest, your time is precious. Hiring talent needs to be as stress free and as seamless as possible. When engaging with Simply360Search, we will take the hassle and pressure out of recruiting and find you the best talent in the market.