Is the demand for temporary staff higher than ever?

2016 Was a huge year. With the surprises of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election, it’s fair to say that uncertainty is the prevailing theme.

“November 2016 saw placement of temporary workers in the UK rise for the 43rd successive month (according to research conducted by the World Employment Confederation).”

It seems that in light of the Brexit referendum, employers are being somewhat more cautious in hiring permanent staff until they can be more confident as to the impact leaving the EU will have on their business and staffing needs. The other important factor is the speed of Brexit, with claims of 2 years, 5 years or even another referendum floating around, it’s difficult for anyone to predict what the forthcoming year will hold for their business.

Temporary staff are being seen as the solution to this. With skillsets and experience that can add long term value and the relative immediacy of the hire, employers are increasingly seeing the advantages of temporary staff in their teams.

“This increase is due to continue, with the Resolution Foundation predicting the temporary workforce to increase to one million by 2020.”

Temporary work proves advantageous to candidates in a number of ways.

  • It can be a way for junior candidates to gain invaluable experience within their chosen career.
  • It can provide a range of different environments and working styles for a candidate to experience, this gives them exposure to many more processes and working styles. This alone is of HUGE value to future employers as these candidates are much more able to come up with creative solutions having seen many ways of doing things.
  • Flexibility – want to take a career break? travel? take some time off to spend with the kids? All easier to fit in around temporary work
  • Temp to Perm – the dating approach to employment. ‘Date’ your new job before you commit long term.

My specialism is recruiting Accountancy and Finance temporaries and interims into the creative industries, including Media, Marketing, Publishing and Entertainment.

If you’re considering temporary work in 2017 and would like to hear more about opportunities that we have available, please email your CV through to:  (Please keep in mind most temporary work requires candidates to be immediately available or on one week notice at most).

Equally, if you are an employer considering a temporary hire for your team, please do get in touch for a no obligation discussion and to hear about the fantastic candidates I’m representing at any time.