Job Offers: Here’s What To Do

Attracting top talents to want to join your company is hard. But getting them to join your team is even harder. Job offers are what seals the deal with your candidates. Therefore, it’s important that hiring managers do their utmost best in the final stage of the recruitment process. 

To successfully hire the candidate of your choice, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that everything goes as planned. To become the employer of choice, here are some of the best tips on how to extend your job offer. 

Job Offer Best Practices 

Job offers are one of the most crucial steps in the recruitment process. This is when your candidates decide whether to join your team or not. So, how do you make your candidates of choice pick you as their employer? To help you out, try out these best practices when extending a job offer. 

Prepare a formal written offer

Oftentimes, employers extend job offers verbally and forget to put it in writing. Verbal offers aren’t as clear and precise. Having everything on paper gives both parties full understanding of what is being agreed upon. Include all the important details including job title, line manager, work hours, salary and important terms and conditions of the company. 

Give applicants time to consider the offer

As a hiring manager, it’s important not to rush your candidates on accepting the offer. Just how you took time finding the right person for the job, it’s only fair to give them time to consider the offer–at least 48 hours.

Keep communication lines open

As a hiring manager it’s important to be prepared and communicative with your candidates, especially during this stage. Candidates considering the offer are going to have multiple questions about the offer. Be prepared to answer important details about the company from benefits to the dress code at work. 

Give detailed instructions to your new hires 

Once your candidate of choice has accepted the offer, it’s important to run them up to speed with what to expect. Before they start their first day, provide instructions of what they would be doing in the upcoming days. 

Each candidate should be informed about the documents they need to present and where to report on their first day. Prepping your new hires beforehand will make the whole onboarding process easy for both you and your new employee. 

Job Offers are A Reflection of How Much Your Company Values Your Employees 

Employees are what can either make or break your company. To attract high-performing individuals your company needs to be the type of employer people want to work for. Applicants go after companies with the best offer. 

Before giving your job offer, make sure that what you’re providing has value. Because to be with the best you need to hire like the best.