JWT Releases Gender Pay Gap Figures & Reveals Action Towards Change

WPP has reported a group median pay gap of 14.6% across its 14,000 employees, better than the equivalent national UK figure of 18.4%.

Of the agencies, the one with the worst median pay gap is J Walter Thompson at 44.7%. The best performing was Kantar Media which appears to be 12.7% in favour of women.

Walter Thompson London CEO, James Whitehead, said: “These numbers are obviously disappointing and we are determined to improve them. Where we’ve given real focus with initiatives over the past 18 months, we’ve seen real change in attracting great young female talent into the agency. Now we need to build on what we have started with further actions to make the same degree of change at the more senior levels. We understand it won’t be corrected overnight, but we will be constantly measuring our progress against these activities and will be held accountable by our employees every step of the way.”

Read and download the full report from https://jwt.co.uk/news/2018/j-walter-thompson-group-ltd-2017-gender-pay-gap-disclosure