M&C Saatchi Launches New Data Consultancy, Fluency

The new agency will be led by Frisco Chau as CEO, who also assumes the role of Chief Data Officer for M&C Saatchi Group. He’s joined at the helm by M&C Saatchi data veterans and brothers Mike and Tim Spencer, who assume the positions of Chief Operations Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, respectively.

Frisco Chau, CEO of M&C Saatchi Fluency, comments: “We’re thrilled to launch Fluency to the world and set out on a journey to transform our clients’ growth prospects. We’ll destroy data snobbery, democratise access and be obsessed with the outcomes our clients need to see – removing data from the hands of just a few to connect audiences, brands, creativity, media and platforms more effectively through integrated insights. We’re deeply privileged to work with amazing founding clients and look forward to bringing the power of data fluency to those seeking sustainable growth”.

Read more on the M&C Saatchi website: https://mcsaatchi.com/change/fluency

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