Negotiating salary offers

So, you have a job offer for a role that you are really interested in. The role content looks great & you have a verbal offer from a hiring manager.

Ever had the feeling when you have bought something that you would have negotiated something different if you had more time to consider the deal? Thankfully, your Simply360 recruitment consultants understand that feeling as well. We are trained to help guide you through the process and get you into the job you love. However, there can still be those tiny questions of doubt in the back of your head: is the offer realistic? How do you know if it is fair? You might feel uncomfortable or not sure how to negotiate?

Simple steps to consider:

  • Have the hiring manager run any offer via your consultant. It is easy to say to the hiring manager – run the job offer via the Simply360 consultant who you are working with. This will give you time & space to make a considered decision.
  • When looking at the offer is it close to what you wanted? We always let the client know at the start of the process what the salary & conditions the candidate is wanting. No point in putting you through a process if the hiring manager won’t get close to your salary expectations. This doesn’t just apply for salary either. In a post-pandemic world, it’s important to find a role that meets all of your working from home requirements (if desirable) as well.
  • Should you counteroffer on any of the terms & conditions etc? Your consultant will help you navigate what would be realistic & doable. We know what other people in similar roles have been offered, or what the going rate is.
  • Sometimes you just need a little time to consider the offer. You might want to let it percolate over night or seek advice. There are legal time frames for you to consider a written offer, this gives you time to make an appropriate decision.
  • Once you have agreed with your consultant any points to counteroffer, they will then go back to the hiring manager with your response. We are there to help you & the hiring manager reach a win-win outcome. It needs to work for all parties.

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