One in six Brits admit to napping at work

The UK appears to be a nation of nap lovers, with one in six even admitting that they have taken a nap at work, according to interior design company, Hillarys.

A quarter (24%) said they have napped in the car, but the most popular spot was the sofa (84%).

And a fifth of workers surveyed suggested that they’d like a bit more time to relax at work during the day. Twenty-one per cent supported the idea of a British siesta – a concept popular in continental Europe where businesses shut down for an hour or two in the middle of the day.

More than half (54%) said a midday siesta would allow them to take a nap and improve their concentration and productivity in the afternoon. More than a quarter (28%) admitting to getting ‘tired and grouchy’ in the middle of the day.

Helen Turnbull, spokesperson at Hillarys, said: “We all love a nap. Sometimes, it’s just what you need so you can face the rest of the day and there’s no harm in having a quick recharge of the batteries. The worst thing is when you plan a quick 20 minute power nap and suddenly an hour has passed and you wake feeling panicked, rushed and groggy.”

Story first appeared on Fresh Thinking Business