People reveal the dumbest things their colleagues have ever said to them

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stories about their ignorant co-workers after one Reddit user asked: ‘What’s the dumbest thing a co-worker has ever said to you?’ Hilarious responses came really fast, with more than 2,500 answers in 24 hours. One user told how one co-worker was convinced that ‘If you went before a judge before taxes were due and recited a specific part of the tax code that you no longer had to pay taxes for that year.’ They added: ‘This was also the same guy who wanted to build a humongous barn, then build a house inside it to hide the house so he would only have to pay property taxes on a barn and not a house.’ Another user said she was dumbfounded after one woman seemed to think humans breathe out pure helium. ‘We were decorating for a party, blowing up balloons with our mouths,’ she recalled. After a few she said, “Why aren’t these floating? Did I buy the wrong kind?”‘ Another user explained how his colleague appeared to think spreadsheets would work in real life: ‘I made an excel sheet with different autosum formulas for tracking spending in various categories,’ he said. ‘My coworker wanted to print out a blank one for use on the go and I had to explain to her that the formulas would only work on the computer, not on paper.’ One respondent was dumbfounded after a girl he went to school with claimed that you could walk across the North Atlantic Ocean. ‘She thought you could walk to the US from the UK because the sea “Isn’t that deep,”‘ he wrote. Another user said he was forced to explain Asia’s existence to a female colleague who asked: ‘whether China is in “America or Canada”‘ – while another pondered, ‘Where in Spain is Mexico?’ BamaDNel wrote: ‘Back a few years ago, when people were making an issue over Obama’s birth

certificate, some of us were discussing it at work when this girl asked what the qualifications for being a president were. ‘Someone replied that you have to be a natural born citizen. She turned around and said “you mean just because my son was born by C-section he can’t be president?!” 100% true.’ Read more on the Daily Mail website @