Reasons Why Your Approach to Hiring isn’t Working

Ever wonder why your company’s objectives are never met? Or why your turnover rates are at an all-time high? These could all be signs that your company’s hiring methods need some major revamping. 

To get your recruitment done right, it’s important to look at where it all went wrong in the first place. Before finding the right hiring solutions to your recruitment problems, here are some reasons why your approach to hiring needs work. 

No Hiring Objectives

Unsatisfied with your company’s recent hires? Filling in the right job with the right person is no walk-in-the-park. When sifting through piles and piles of CVs, it’s hard to tell which person is the right fit for the company. To better your chances of hiring the right candidate, it’s important to have a clear set of recruitment goals and objectives. 

Setting measurable objectives is the very first step to creating a full-proofing hiring process. It helps you answer important questions like:

  • Why are you recruiting?
  • What goals do you have?
  • What results would you like to see?

By having a clear vision of your hiring objectives, you’re able to measure your employee’s performance effectively. Figure out what in your operations are working and what aren’t. Most importantly, measure your ROI and see if you’re hiring efforts are paying off. 

No Specific Target Audience 

Hiring managers often skip this crucial step as they want to fill in a position right away. They fail to define the caliber of talents they want to attract for the role. A big part of recruitment today is marketing. Without a specific target audience, your recruitment marketing efforts will be ineffective. Not knowing who you exactly want will make the hiring process a lot more difficult and time-consuming. 

Recruiters need to make sure to create an effective recruitment message. The job description should be current, relevant, and motivating to the target audience. Not sure how to start? Create candidate personas, a collection of personality traits, attitudes, and values that you’re looking for. 

Weak Employer Brand

As mentioned earlier, marketing is a big part of recruitment today. As a result, your employer brands a critical element when attracting top hires. Having a well-established employer brand can give you a leg up in the competition. Companies who fail to understand the true value of a strong employer brand can see poor candidate experience and high turnover rates. 

 It’s important to realize that to hire top talents you need to hire like a top company. With the internet at their fingertips, more and more applicants have become selective when looking for employers. Candidates can easily look at your company’s reviews and performance in the industry before even considering applying for the job. A weak employer brand could result in little to no job applicants. 

Failing to Sell the Job Role 

Job interviews are one of the most important steps in the recruitment process. There’s not much you can know about the candidate on paper. The job interview allows employers to thoroughly evaluate a candidates’ potential and most importantly, sell the job role.  

One of the most common mistakes hiring managers make during the interview process is failing to sell the role to the candidates. Instead, they go through the applicants’ CV section by section. This is a missed opportunity. Recruiters should be focusing on promoting the job role to the applicant. Giving additional information about the company’s goals, culture, and expectations. 


Recruitment is a long and thorough process that needs to be taken seriously. After all, a company is only as good as its people. Look into the key points mentioned above and create an effective hiring approach for your organization. And take your company to greater heights.

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