Remote Online Interview Tips During Lockdown

One of the primary changes to the recruitment process due to the COVID-19 pandemic is that more and more companies are moving to remote / online video interviews. Although this may not be ideal for either the candidates or interviewers, it is the new normal for now. Looking on the bright side, without the travel time you can now conduct multiple interviews in one day from the comfort of your living room.

Below are some top tips which will help you if you are preparing for an online interview soon.

Test your technology

Make sure your webcam and audio is all working fine – the last thing you want is for the audio or screen to not work. This is a very important thing to do as you don’t want to feel embarrassed and make a bad impression with your interviewer if you fluffing around trying to get your tech working!

Also be ready for your interview in plenty of time – don’t start testing the tech 5 minutes before the time. By being prepared before your interview, this gives you a chance to relax and show you are eager and ready to begin the interview!

Dress the part

You still need to dress up like you would if you were to go in for an interview. It will help you get in the right frame of mind and make an impression on your interviewer.

Remove distractions

You need to be fully engaged with the interviewer throughout the interview, so remove all distractions. Ensure you are in a quiet space where you will not have anyone to disrupt your interview. You should also remove distractions like your phone, put it on silent so your eyes don’t divert to your screen.

Have a copy of CV next to you

Keep a printed copy of your CV next to you rather than on the screen, because it may look like you are distracted flicking between different screens throughout the interview. Have your CV by your side and make it aware to the interviewer that you will be referring to it if necessary.

Prepare and rehearse key questions

You want to make sure you are prepared for the key questions you may be asked throughout the interview. You want to showcase your skills including that you are reliable and dependable. Make sure you also answer all questions clearly and in detail, giving specific examples and explaining what you learnt from previous experiences.

Show that you researched the company and position

Prepare beforehand by researching the company and the role. This is one way to stand out during your remote interview as it shows you have taken the time to research and familiarise yourself and that you want the job!