Signs You Need Let Go of An Employee

As a business, your people are your biggest assets. Each and single one of your team members plays an integral role in your business operations. Therefore, it’s important to bring in people that are right for the job. However, not every single person you hire is a success. Even the biggest firms have made bad hires, almost yearly. You’re bound to make a hiring mistake once in a while. 

A single hire can have a huge effect on your whole business. If someone on your team isn’t meeting your expectations, it might be time to let them go. As an employer, it’s important to give your staff opportunities to grow and improve. An employee isn’t going to get things right their first or second try, so it’s important to give them time to hone their skills. 

To better understand why bad hires are detrimental to your business is to look at each hire you make as a business investment. A good hire is a successful investment while a bad hire is money wasted. Simply put, the longer a person working for you is in the wrong position, the more money you’re losing. 

How to Spot A Bad Hire 

Letting go of an employee is no easy decision to make. However, if your employee hasn’t made any improvements after a few months, this might be a warning sign. While bad hires are unavoidable, the best thing you can do as an employer is to identify who they are and let them go ASAP. 

To help you out, here are the top warning signs that you need to let go of an employee. 

They Aren’t Open to Learn 

One of the things that sets the best candidates from the rest is their eagerness to learn. A growth mindset is something that you should always look for in a new hire, while their skills may be lacking they can make up for it with some training. The important thing is your new hire is open to learning the skills needed for the job. 

Sometimes, humility to learn trumps competency. If your current hire isn’t open to taking on new job training or doesn’t want to improve on what they already know, this can be a tell-tale sign that your employee isn’t the right fit. 

They Lack Accountability 

Taking ownership of your work is very important in the workplace. The only way you can ensure that your ship is on the track is to be aware of what everyone’s bringing to the table. You’ll be able to find who’s putting in the effort who aren’t. If your employee refuses to take accountability for their responsibilities, they aren’t worth your investment. 

Seek out talents who want to scale with you. Talents who are able to own their responsibilities and bring forth value towards your business. 

They Don’t Get Along with the Team

Having a team member who can’t seem to get along with the rest of your team can be a major red flag. Your team’s synergy is very vital to your business’ performance. How well they work together can reflect greatly onto your operations. Therefore, every single member of your team needs to be able to work with everyone. 

If you have someone who alarmingly can’t get along with the team, you need to let go immediately. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. 

They Can’t Meet Deadlines

One of the most important assets an employee must have is being able to give things on time. If you’ve got a team member who constantly doesn’t meet important deadlines, it’s safe to say they aren’t fit for the role.