Square pegs and round holes

Square pegs and round holes.

Job adverts attract all sorts. Whether you post an advert on LinkedIn or reed.co.uk or by any other medium, you are guaranteed to receive at least 60% (conservative estimate) completely irrelevant CVs. I think this is worth exploring a little further.

“If I apply for every job, I’ve got a better chance of securing something.”

Perhaps I’m alone in this, but I don’t think applying for jobs is a law of numbers. I could apply for jobs as a senior architect, it doesn’t matter if I apply for ten or 10,000, there’s no way I’m getting the job. I have none of the relevant experience or qualifications. For the people that prescribe to this law of numbers mentality, I would suggest that their time is far better spent filtering their job searches for job that are looking for their skills and experience, rather than something completely unrelated.

“It’s a temporary job, so I can try it and see if I’m good at it”

This is a common opinion but couldn’t be further from reality. As discussed in previous articles, temporary staff are to cover a gap in a team, an integral cog in the machine that the business would struggle without for a period of time. It is not a company offering someone an opportunity to turn their hand at something new to see if it fits them. Often temporary roles need people very quickly, which means irrelevant applications can prove all the more frustrating to people screening CVs.

“I’d be really good at that kind of job once someone teaches me”

This is a tricky one. Of course, there are candidates who are on the upward trajectory of their career and with some nurturing would be great at the role. However, other candidates seem to apply because they like the job title and the industry sector mentioned! If you’ve never endeavoured to get into that kind of career path of industry before, or haven’t exhibited any passion for it prior to reading the advert, why would someone take a chance on your whim? If something is a real passion for you, or an advert has inspired you to get into a new career or industry, do your research! Find out what you need to get into the field and keep in mind that you may have to start from the bottom.

“If the client met me they’d know I was better than other candidates and right for the job.”

I admire your confidence, no really, I do. However, you can imagine if every candidate had this attitude, the client would spend years interviewing! Often, candidates without exactly the right background can catch someone’s eye because they can convey their personality and passion well on paper, this prompts a phone call, and then an interview etc. So spend a little longer on your CV, differentiate yourself from every other CV, talk about your interests and passions. What have you done that you’re proud of outside of work? What do you do in your spare time that really unusual? Keep it professional, but tell us something we don’t see everyday!

In conclusion, job applications are something to consider carefully. What about the job appeals to you? Why do you want it? If the answer is, because I just want a job, I’d think twice. Apply because it helps your career progress, it gives you more experience within an area or because you’re passionate, you’ll stand a much better chance.

My specialism is recruiting Accountancy and Finance temporaries and interims into the creative industries, including Media, Marketing, Publishing and Entertainment.

If you’re considering temporary work in the New Year and would like to hear more about opportunities that we have available, please email your CV through to: neha@simply-360.co.uk (please keep in mind most temporary work requires candidates to be immediately available or on one week notice at most).

Equally, if you are an employer considering a temporary hire for your team, please do get in touch for a no obligation discussion and to hear about the fantastic candidates I’m representing at any time.