The 24 most unusual jobs in the UK

Queueing, warming up the bed, drinking tea, and eating crisps are things we do on a daily basis – but they are also amongst the strangest jobs that are available in Britain.

The specific role requirements for the above are as follows – a Professional Queuer is hired by agencies for £20 an hour to stand in lines; a Bed Warmer wears a special hygienic sleepsuit to become a human hot water bottle; a Professional Tea Taster will consume 300 cups of tea a day and utilise their half decade of training; and a Crisp Inspector has to expunge overdone or erratically shaped crisps.

If these positions became vacant though, they would pose problems for even the most experienced recruiter. The nationwide skills shortage would only be magnified when such specialised abilities are required by the candidate.

The list was compiled by Unum, with each role accompanied with its corresponding yearly salary. Featured positions also include Pet Food Taster (£20,000), Cool Hunter (£25,000), and Walk On Water Architects (£35,000).

A Cool Hunter forecasts the latest trends, while a Walk On Water Architect designs houses that can float on water.

Other notable roles include The Queen’s Piper (who plays bagpipes beneath her window every weekday at 9am for approximately 15 minutes), The Ravenmaster (who makes sure the ravens in the Tower of London are tended to), and Vibration Consultant (who aids and advises on noise vibration for construction companies and manufacturers).

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