Salary Trend Report 2014

According to Simply360 research, the overall business outlook has improved across the Marketing sector, with the most predominant increases in the Mobile and Internet industries. Growth is expected to continue over the next six months with 81% of CFOs indicating that they are confident in their company’s future prospects, echoing the forecasted 5.5% increase in revenue in the Marketing industry.

Finance professionals in particular are benefitting from this optimism, as companies look for additional insight and strategy into business process improvement, and cost savings in the buoyant digital sector. We’ve also noticed an interesting trend in organisations bolstering their finance divisions with commercial and analyst roles, and business-partnering expertise is becoming more essential.

The information in the attached PDF link is an indication of candidate salaries based on positions Simply360 has recruited for over the past 12 months. Please use this data as a salary guide to reflect the current market rates; these rates might vary across the different sectors, as there are many considerations that reflect an individual’s salary.

If there is a specific finance role not covered in our survey please contact us and we will endeavour to provide this information for you.

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