Wavemaker UK Announces Precision To Help Clients Accelerate Digital Transformation

Wavemaker UK is launching WM Precision, bringing all its data-driven marketing specialists together to focus on digital transformation for brands.

From October 2018, Wavemaker Precision will provide a single hub of experts from five fields: technology, analytics, platforms, data strategy, and the precision planning leads who bring the disciplines together.

Christiaan Lette joins Wavemaker as general manager on the agency’s L’Oréal account on October 1st, with a focus on leading the company’s digital media transformation. An expert in the fusion of digital media, search, ecommerce, CRM and technology, he will also oversee Wavemaker Precision.

Lette joins from digital specialist tkm9 Group, where he has been managing director since 2016, when he helped launch the Australian agency’s UK office in London. He has worked across sectors including CPG, luxury, healthcare, technology, telecoms, automotive, retail, finance, and spirits.

As part of its service across the London and Manchester offices, Wavemaker Precision has developed a “digital maturity” model designed to identify what stage a client has reached in its evolution. This will allow the agency to work out a client’s ambitions and accelerate the process of digital transformation.

Read more on the Wavemaker website: https://wavemakerglobal.com/think/news/wavemaker-launches-precision-unit-to-help-clients-accelerate-digital-transformation,215/