WPP’s Kinetic Appoints Michael Lieberman and Cedric Bernard as Co-CEO’s

With CEO David Krupp leaving to pursue an unspecified new role, Kinetic North America promoted Michael Lieberman and Cedric Bernard to roles as co-CEOs. The rest of Kinetic’s management team, which includes Maureen McCloskey, Jaime Byrdak, Susan Page and Karin Baatsch-Deboulet, will remain in place, working closely with Lieberman and Bernard.

Before the announcement, Lieberman had served as Chief Strategy Officer of Kinetic North America, where he leveraged his background in mobile and integrated strategy to better align Kinetic’s core offering with today’s digitally-focused and cross-media environment. Formerly, he was US Chief Operating Officer of Kinetic’s parent company, tenthavenue and US CEO of Joule, tenthavenue’s mobile strategy firm.

Lieberman said: “OOH is a proven and exciting channel that is highly underutilized.  I am thrilled to play a leadership role alongside Cedric in proving OOH’s significant value to brand marketers, both as a direct driver of brand value and ROI and as an accelerator of brand growth alongside video and mobile channels.”

Marc-Antoine de Roys, Kinetic’s Global CEO said: “I want to thank David for his 12 years of service at our company.  It is because of his leadership and succession planning that we are in a position to have consistency as he transitions out of the organization. Michael and Cedric are proven leaders at our company who have earned the trust and respect of our employees and clients.  Their service, history, and accomplishments made this an easy decision.”

“I can’t thank Kinetic enough for providing me the opportunity to learn and accomplish so much over the past 12 years,” said Krupp. “I know the organization under Michael and Cedric’s leadership will thrive and I look forward to watching their continued success.”

Read the full press release on the Kinetic website: http://www.kineticww.com/us/newsroom/wpps-kinetic-appoints-new-leadership-team