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Good help is hard to find.

If you’re a leader, this is a mantra you’ve likely heard before – and agree with.

In a candidate short market, talented people are few and far between, which is why it’s imperative that you’re able to recognise when you have a superstar Accountant sitting right in front of you – because if you don’t, someone else will.

As the role of an Accountant continues to evolve, there are still several key skills that a superstar would possess. To help you identify and attract the best Accountants to your business, here are the top five traits to look out for.

They’re Financial Masterminds

The world of accounting has never been more dynamic. A modern Accountant is no longer just a Bookkeeper. Now, they’re expected to help guide the organisation to growth and stability by being part of key business decision making. But before doing all that, an Accountant still needs to have a strong financial mastery and the ability to put finance data to good use. This means they can look at the numbers and see the story behind them and dig deep to provide incredible value. This means they can use this insight to identify existing problems and prevent potential issues before they arise. They can benchmark your business against other companies in your industry and help your organisation lead the market. They can recommend ways to cut costs whilst improving performance.

And they’re just as good with Tax and Legislation

Tax and legislation are constantly changing. Running a business can be a legal headache but a great Accountant can be the best pain relief. They’ll often have a handle on these changes and come to warn you before anyone else. They’ll have your tax structure and reporting framework in mind to ensure it meets both the business’s requirements and current legislation. They’ll also be your whistle-blower. This means that if the story doesn’t seem right, or the numbers doesn’t show the business is going in the right direction, they’ll speak up and ask difficult questions before any permanent damage is done to the business.

They Understand How Your Business Makes Money

It’s one thing to understand the numbers and bottom-line, it’s another to understand how your business generates revenue. Having a deep understanding of this and who your customers and stakeholders are will transform your Accountant into a business partner. Knowing your business model inside out will enable your Accountant to put context to the numbers and use their insight to suggest new ways to improve your business or provide new revenue pipelines.

They Know How to Talk With Everyone

It’s imperative that your Accountant has the skills to communicate with all the people who aid in your business’s success, from salespeople to the CEO and investors. This is how your Accountant understands your organisation and how everyone within it contributes to the wider business goals. Without this knowledge, your Accountant will struggle to truly comprehend how your business works and use their insight to provide valuable advice.

Aside from this, if you employ a great Accountant, you’ll be working with them very closely to move your business forward. To ensure this relationship is beneficial, your Accountant will need to be easy to work with for both you and your team. Of course, this can mean different things to different people but it’s something you should consider when going to market.

They’re Constantly Learning

Accounting is an industry rife with change. Whether its tax or legal changes, or new disruptive technology, your Accountant needs to be at the forefront of learning. This is especially true for unique challenges and opportunities with financial technology and keeping your data secure in cloud-based data solutions. Employing an Accountant who isn’t afraid to pull up their sleeves and learn Block Chain technology, or whatever comes our way next, will always be a great benefit to your business.

Closing Thoughts

Today, anyone can generate accounting reports from systems. In fact, sooner or later, machines will likely take these tasks entirely. However, it takes a  great Accountant to be able to use their data and insight to tell a story and help guide a business towards better decision-making.

Equally, if you are an employer considering a new hire for your team, please do get in touch for a no obligation discussion and to hear about the fantastic candidates Simply360 are representing at any time.