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If you are finding it hard to switch off at the end of the day whilst working remotely, then know you’re not alone! One of the largest issues of our modern era, is being always switched on to the network and proving your worth and trustworthiness while the world adjusts to flexibility. A recent study found that people who were always on the network and able to access work emails/calls outside of work were more engaged in their jobs, but also more stressed. This is an ever-increasing issue in our work from home lifestyle. So what can we do to amend this?

Well, here are our top tips to switching off at the end of the day, and ensuring you maintain that perfect work-life balance.

Why do we need the distinction between work and life?

It seems like a no-brainer, but it is incredibly, and increasingly difficult to switch off work at 5pm each day during the week – perhaps with the exception of Friday. We all want to do well at work, and succeed in our roles, yet when we’re wired to work 24/7, we forgo the fundamental necessities that our body requires to maintain a healthy work life balance. Mental, emotional and physical relaxation is necessary for our bodies to stay fighting fit and, in the long run, a healthy balance will result in a better output of work as you’re more available in all departments to commit yourself.

Maintain your work routine

Seemingly obvious yet difficult to enforce, maintaining your regular work routine at home can seem impossible. However, by setting aside a specific location in the house that is specifically for work, and keeping to your start and finish times, you’ll find it a lot easier to complete each day. Avoid working from the couch (especially if you relax there by night), and instead put your desk or workplace somewhere bright where you can get plenty of airflow and sun.

Keep these routines consistent to help you maintain the sense of normality and avoid the brain-drain of not turning off. Do you normally switch off for 10 minutes at the office at 11.00am for a coffee? Do it at home! Normally go for a walk at lunch? Do it at home! Identify those habits that you do at work, and replicate them in the comfort of your home. By maintaining these habits, you’ll find that by the time the end of the day rolls around, you’ll feel more readily able to switch off and step away from your work.

Set alarms

A proven method to help get your routine in rhythm is to set alarms. Similar to the above with maintaining your typical work routine, setting alarms will help you take your full lunch, finish on time, and start promptly, allowing you to have a full workday without encroaching on your personal life hours. Alarms can also help you know when to switch off, and the familiar ceremony of closing down for the day and identifying that that last bit of paperwork can wait ’til tomorrow morning is easier to enforce when you have a strict schedule in place.

Dress for your day

Although it is extremely compelling to spend the day working in pyjamas, studies have shown that in the act of getting changed for a specific task – be it work, gym or something else, you mentally associate your chosen outfit with a desired outcome.


A focus on getting out for fresh air and away from screens, trying out yoga to acquire a bit more zen in your life, or being active so that you have a positive impact on your life is a great way to defuse that stress. Exercise does have a remarkable impact on your life, from helping you sleep better, to increasing your blood flow, and the benefits cannot be overstated! If you have the facilities to do a full workout, then by all means do it as you’ll feel better for it.

Find those positive endorphins

There’s no shortage of comedies on the billions of streaming services that are now available, and laughter can be a sure-fire way to release those good endorphins and bring some light into your day. Alternatively, take the time at the end of the day to play some games – whether that’s board games or console games – or to listen to some podcasts or good music. These positive emotion releases can help in erasing the stress that might be overwhelming you and can create a key distinction in your work-life-balance. Avoid letting these habits filter into your day though. Use your lunch time hours as you normally would and don’t be tempted to include these newfound options in your work-from-home liberties.

We hope these tips help you maintain that perfect work-life balance. With so many businesses now focusing heavily on the balance too, you’re sure to find resources at work to support you with this.

Thinking it might be time to change to a business that is more focused on work-life balance? Then feel free to reach out to one of our consultants or email hello@simply-360.co.uk