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MSQ is spearheading the creation of a pioneering force in unified brand and customer experience innovation through the merger of The Gate and MBAstack in London.

Forming under the banner of The Gate, this amalgamated entity is poised to collaborate with forward-thinking marketers seeking seamless integration of brand development, customer engagement, and CRM strategies, with a vision to craft the influential brands of tomorrow.

This strategic consolidation follows a period of remarkable annual achievements for both agencies and is poised to amplify their ongoing collaborative efforts with clients, such as 3’s SMARTY Mobile.

By harnessing the synergies of creativity, data, and technology, the new agency is primed to fulfill The Gate’s commitment: “Find the gate, walk through walls.”

Steering this unified venture are industry stalwarts, with Jamie Elliott assuming the role of CEO, Stephen Maher as chair, Kit Altin as chief strategy officer, and Lucas Peon as chief creative officer.