5 Signs You Have a Superhero Accountant

Good help is hard to find. If you’re a leader, this is a mantra you’ve likely heard before – and agree with. In a candidate short market, talented people are few and far between, which is why it’s imperative that you’re able to recognise when you have a superstar Accountant sitting right in front of […]

3 questions every employer should ask in an interview

Candidates today are increasingly prepared for classic interview questions. To find out what you really need to know you may need to ask a few unusual questions. In today’s market roles are becoming increasingly specialised and organisations are arming themselves by ensuring that their candidates, whether they’ve come through a recruitment agency or their own […]

Should I Accept a Counter-offer?

If you’re highly experienced in your field or hold a crucial role for your employer, don’t be surprised if you are faced with a counter-offer after handing in your resignation. Whilst receiving a counter-offer may be flattering, accepting one is rarely the right decision for your career and here’s why. Counter-offers Rarely Address Why You […]

Could Your Dream Job Be A Nightmare?

You’re offered your dream job at the company you always aspired to work at, doing exactly what you’ve always wanted to do, and at an amazing salary. But there’s a problem: You have concerns about the office culture and whether you will fit in. Do you take the job and hope for the best, or […]