Bouncing back from redundancy

If you’ve ever undergone a redundancy, you’ll appreciate the enormity of change it can cast on your life. Managing change following a redundancy can be stressful, however it also presents a chance to pause, reassess, and redirect your career path. As recruiters, we encounter a large proportion of candidates going through life changes after redundancies, […]

5 tips for getting work-life balance right when working remotely

1. Set boundaries Achieving a healthy work-life balance when working remotely requires you to establish clear boundaries. The flexibility that comes with remote working is great, but only if everyone understands and respects your specific requirements. Perhaps you need to block out 45 minutes in your calendar at 3 pm every afternoon to collect the […]

What You Need to Know About Hiring the Right Person

Attracting the right employees to your business can be a difficult course to navigate. There is no greater drain of resources and time than hiring and training a candidate who is not an ideal fit for your business. Here at Simply360Search, we are specialists when it comes to identifying the right fit, and these are […]

How to prepare for a performance review

Many of us look at a performance review meeting scheduled in the calendar and start to get nervous – and that’s often because of the misconceptions around what performance reviews are and what they’re supposed to achieve. HR practices have evolved in recent years, so some of the negative perceptions may be the result of […]

4 Interview Mistakes That Will Stop You From Hiring Top Talent

The market has changed and the pendulum has swung. We find ourselves in an environment where there are simply not enough great finance and accounting people for all the companies that are hiring. This means that the greatest talent in the market has choices when looking for new positions. You might think that the salary […]

What questions should I ask during an interview?

Now that you’ve secured yourself an interview, it’s time to prep for it. Part of this prepping process includes determining what questions you plan to ask at the end of your interview. Asking questions can show that you have a true interest in the role, as well as showing you have initiative. Right now, you’re […]

How Accountants Can Achieve a Great Work-Life Balance

Long hours, difficult workloads and challenging deadlines; life as an Accountant can be arduous and whilst many are experts at balancing the books, most cannot say the same when it comes to balancing their work and life. That said, Accountants from all walks of life are prioritising spending more quality time with friends and family, […]

How to explain gaps in employment

Many professionals will at some point want or need to take a career break. Often, people’s career break reasons include spending time raising children or caring for an older family member, but sometimes it’s to take a sabbatical and travel, go back to university and re- or upskill, or to pursue a passion project after […]

How To Ace Your Next Interview.

Clients often engage us to present multiple candidates to interview for certain roles. If you’re one of these candidates, to secure an offer, you must ace the interview and stand out from the crowd. But how?  Preparation is key. Sure, you may be an experienced Management Accountant or Paprika specialist, however, so are the four […]

Spring Cleaning Your CV

Spring has well and truly sprung here at Simply360! We’re loving the lighter evenings and slightly warmer days. Of course, it wouldn’t be spring without a good old spring clean – here are our top tips for keeping your CV fresh! Cut the Clutter.If you listed every job you’ve ever had—including that three-month stint as […]