Don’t let Monday morning destroy you!

Here we are again: Monday morning. Saturday night is a distant memory and your alarm is ecstatic at the prospect of 5 days of early starts. We all struggle on a Monday morning but with these useful tips we can struggle less on a Monday.

Wake up earlier – For some this suggestion will be hell however by adding extra time to your morning routine you can slow everything right down.

Find time for breakfast – No skipping breakfast, get some fuel onboard for the day ahead.

Don’t go back to sleep – Fight the temptation to get a few winks in on your commute. Short bursts of sleep are not beneficial and will only leave you grumpy.

Make the most of your commute – Your daily commute can be very boring especially if you are stuck on a train. Use your time to learn a new skill, read a book you’ve always wanted to read or even catch up on last week’s TV you missed. Do something that will keep your mind off the fact it is Monday.

Remind yourself of other successful Mondays – YouTube was born on a Monday, Columbus found America on a Monday and man left the Moon on a Monday. All very impressive especially on the worst day of the week.

Put it into perspective – If you’re having Monday problems remember it could be worse. You may feel sleepy, lack motivation or forgotten your umbrella on the one day it rains all these things are bad but it could always be worse you could’ve forgotten your trousers.

Treat yourself – Everyone loves food especially things that are bad for you. Treating yourself to chocolate or cake (or both) is a great way to lift you spirits and keep your mind off the Monday blues.