What questions should I ask during an interview?

Now that you’ve secured yourself an interview, it’s time to prep for it. Part of this prepping process includes determining what questions you plan to ask at the end of your interview. Asking questions can show that you have a true interest in the role, as well as showing you have initiative. Right now, you’re […]

How To Ace Your Next Interview.

Clients often engage us to present multiple candidates to interview for certain roles. If you’re one of these candidates, to secure an offer, you must ace the interview and stand out from the crowd. But how?  Preparation is key. Sure, you may be an experienced Management Accountant or Paprika specialist, however, so are the four […]

Best questions to ask in an interview

When an interviewer asks if you have any questions at the end of a job interview, this is your chance to gain further information that will help you assess if this is the right role and organisation for you. It’s also a final opportunity to showcase your knowledge, reinforce your interest and suitability, and leave […]