Work From Home: How you can get the best out of the new normal

Working from home can be great, right up until the kids run into the room whilst you are on that all important zoom meeting with your manager or your neighbour starts firing up all sorts of power tools to put some shelves up on the wall that’s connected to your office! COVID-19 has caused remote […]

How to switch off when working remotely

If you are finding it hard to switch off at the end of the day whilst working remotely, then know you’re not alone! One of the largest issues of our modern era, is being always switched on to the network and proving your worth and trustworthiness while the world adjusts to flexibility. A recent study […]

5 tips for getting work-life balance right when working remotely

1. Set boundaries Achieving a healthy work-life balance when working remotely requires you to establish clear boundaries. The flexibility that comes with remote working is great, but only if everyone understands and respects your specific requirements. Perhaps you need to block out 45 minutes in your calendar at 3 pm every afternoon to collect the […]